How to cancel Sky in 15 seconds (2019)

By | 6 Feb 2019

It’s traditionally not been easy to cancel your contract with Sky TV. And in a way it still isn’t, but at least it’s easier than it used to be, as you can cancel online on their LiveChat service – no more high pressure sales calls.

So here’s How to cancel Sky right now:

  1. Go to and login
  2. Scroll to bottom of ANY page
  3. Click on LIVECHAT. Ask to cancel your Sky TV package now.
  4. If you are within contract, they will tell you when you can actually cancel. Done!

Do you hate phoning people up? I do , and the issue isn’t new. Many perusers have announced long telephone calls, going on for a hour and a half or progressively, just to drop administrations.

Sky clients can drop by telephone and utilize the diversion supplier’s online talk administration to drop their agreement. Significantly, those clients who drop by letter or email may even now need to bear a telephone call with Sky to “confirm” the wiping out “before it tends to be prepared”.

While this implies clients don’t need to look out for the telephone to drop, they should in any case be set up for a hard move on the off chance that they drop through the online talk.

Sky has data on dropping on the web, yet finishing your agreement isn’t so straightforward.

How else can I cancel it?

Sky clients can drop by calling 03300 413 018 or utilizing the live visit work on the site. They can likewise email [email protected] or write to:
Sky Subscribers Services Ltd, PO Box 43, Livingston, West Lothian, EH54 7DD.

Those messaging or composing should give their name, address, postcode and phone number. Sky said that the notice period will possibly start from when they get the letter, not when it is posted, and that it may take five days for them to answer.

As a notice, clients dropping recorded as a hard copy will in any case need to persevere through a telephone call with Sky, as it says it should get back to you to affirm your subtleties, to guarantee it can “check your record data”.

It stated: “We regularly need to address clients who compose or email to guarantee we have recognized the correct record and to confirm that the individual asking for the scratch-off has expert to do as such – this is intended to shield clients from the outcomes of unapproved retraction.

“We attempt to answer inside five days of accepting a letter or email and may call to check the abrogation ask. When confirmed, the notice time frame will be compelling from the date we got the letter or email.”

Will Sky continue to bill me?

Some clients have skirted the protracted dropping procedure and rather written to Sky telling them they are dropping and after that have dropped their immediate charge.

Livechat with a Sky operator/staff

Sky prompts against this. A representative stated: “It’s extremely vital clients realize they ought not drop their immediate charge or some other continuous installment course of action until we have affirmed the crossing out. This is on the grounds that any exceptional equalization should be paid, and dropping the immediate charge may prompt the record falling into obligation.”

Nonetheless, James Daley, a purchaser champion and chief of Fairer Finance, said that buyers are inside their rights to drop an immediate charge. All things considered, clients must guarantee that they pay Sky any cash owed.

“On the off chance that somebody supposes they owe Sky cash, and don’t pay it, they are in danger of being harassed by obligation gatherers,” he said.

How do I find out when I can leave Sky?

Most Sky contracts are sold on a 12 or 18-month least contract. On the off chance that a client needs to drop inside this period they will confront extra “early end charges”. You can also use something like this ruling to your advantage.

The manner in which this is worked out is perplexing and relies upon which administrations you have, how long are staying in the agreement, and when you joined Sky.

On the off chance that you have broadband, telephone or line rental contracts you can pay contractually allowable charges. For instance, you will pay £6.18 every month for line rental and £7.36 per month for Sky Fiber Unlimited Broadband, for every month staying on your agreement. Any part months will be determined at an every day rate. Every one of these costs will be gathered together to the closest 25p. The table here demonstrates every one of the charges.

For Sky TV, HD, Sky+, Sky Q and Sky Multiscreen you can’t end the administrations previously your agreement closes. In the event that Sky closes the agreement, for instance on the off chance that you have neglected to pay, it will charge you early reimbursement expenses.

Sky expressed: “The early end charge won’t be more than the charges you would have paid for your items for the rest of the base term less any costs we spare, including the expense of never again giving you the pertinent items.”

Clients needing to drop may probably get vast limits on their administrations, on the off chance that they are out of any offer period. In July 2015, OFCOM, the British TV controller, offered an exchanging administration for broadband and landline clients. This was planned to make it less demanding for clients to switch.

This implies in the event that you are moving from Sky to another broadband or telephone supplier, you can inspire your new supplier to drop your Sky for your benefit.

You just pick which broadband or telephone supplier you need to utilize and they will at that point contact Sky. Both will send you a letter affirming which administrations have been dropped or exchanged and the time it will take to occur. More data is accessible here.

In any case, in case you’re changing to Virgin Media from Sky you can’t experience this procedure. In this occurrence you should drop your old contract yourself and orchestrate your new contract to begin.

Be that as it may, this just connected to broadband and telephone administrations, not in the event that you have Sky TV. Frequently clients that have fallen off an underlying offer period will have moved onto Sky’s default valuing, which is a lot pricier/higher.

Notwithstanding, by reaching Sky and saying they need to drop they can typically get limits – of around 40pc – on the record costs. This may require joining to another 12 or multi month contract, so will secure clients.

Sky TV bills can rocket after beginning offer periods have finished… This will more often than not be offered in the “Offers and Upgrades” segment of your online record, and likely requires a danger to drop to be offered the value cut.

A representative for Sky said that instead of having, for instance, an underlying offer period cost for a half year and afterward a year at a greater expense, Sky has spread the limits over the full multi month contract. This implies clients don’t confront a value climb over the term of the agreement. Nonetheless, a £10 “organization charge” applies to any individual who needs to switch contract utilizing one of these offers.

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